Member Testimonials

See what our members have say about Hudson Connections.

"I really enjoy being a part of Hudson Connections because every single member has something unique to bring to the table. It is great to be able to share ideas and learn new business strategies from all the members."

Deyanira Roque, Esq.

Family Law Attorney Roque Law

"I have been a member of Hudson Connections since 2019 and though the business we get is wonderful, my favorite thing is the connections. I love the relationships I've built through HC with other business owners who just get it!"

Krystle Pickens

Interior Designer, DBK Home

"Hudson Connections has been such a powerful group to be involved in the past 4 years. I love being able to connect my friends and colleagues with other small business owners and entrepreneurs."

Hannah Schwoerer

Founder, Journey to Well

"As a member for 5 years, I love being able to connect people to trustworthy businesses. I have received a steady stream of new clients, which has helped grow my own business. Honing my pitch and my presentation skills is an added perk."

Lissa Welles

Consultant, Isagenix

"Hudson Connections has had a big impact on my business and professional life. I've had the opportunity to enhance my public speaking skills by speaking to the group every week. I've also earned well over six figures in business from the group!"

Ed Verdel

NJ Founding Broker & Team Lead at Compass, Compass

"Hudson Connections has been a great way to connect with local business owners from a wide range of different industries. Highly recommend joining us."

Tina Salmon

Founder, Coachanizer

"It's been fantastic to have collaborators that care about my clients as much as I do. I love being able to mutually share our expertise so we all benefit and grow together."

Jenna VanLeeuwen, CFP®

Owner, Aligning Wealth

"Besides helping significantly grow my business and my network by passing me quality referrals, Hudson Connections has given me a trusted network of advisors and professionals I can rely on to recommend to my own clients, friends and family."

Adam A. Gregory, Esq.

Partner, Levine DeSantis, LLC

"Hudson Connections has helped my business grow through the vast network available through the group. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur, or just starting out, Hudson Connections has resources to help you at any point in your business!"

Pedro Rolim

General Contractor, EIB Construction

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